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Going Deeper began as a passion project back in 2006. After an incident during a service trip in Peru in which Weston was attacked by a small Andean mountain cat, he became momentarily paralyzed and thus spent 2 months in a small shack ruminating over the true meaning of life. The project began in Natalia’s garage, but after 3 years of scrounging to make ends meet, we upgraded to a slightly larger garage. Our journey was not without difficulties and setbacks; upon beta testing of the game, Laura’s mother fell extremely ill due to the cats released around the house, and unfortunately passed away. Thousands of hours and millions of dollars down the drain, we couldn’t be happier to present you with our game. Please consider donating to our Patreon.


Rotten Game Jam 2019 : Best Game

Rotten Game Jam 2019 : Most Creative Game


WindowsNoEditor.zip 120 MB


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threw your game into an indie romp video hope you enjoy!

Your game starts at 6:29

This is some beautiful nonsense!